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The Bearded Skeptic offers educated & insulated skepticism in a world full of BS. Content and opinions provided by the skeducator, William T. Kendal.



Projects currently consuming the time of the Bearded Skeptic.

The Bearded Skeptic New DEAL (Decisive Educator App List)

Taylor Kendal

A comprehensive list of innovative applications with the potential to both define us culturally and change us biologically. As educators, we have an obligation to fully understand the tools shaping the lives of our students and peers.

With our culture now connected like never before, we have to be extremely intentional when it comes to teaching and learning, and the only way to do so is to relate to students (and society more broadly) on their terms. The technology that now defines and changes us every day need not be mysterious; it only requires that we’re receptive to a new potential and invest the time necessary to affect positive change.

MSU Denver Agile Instructional Design Network (AIDNet)

Taylor Kendal

In the modern, ever-changing, technology-saturated culture of higher education, the perspective on effective instructional design (ID) practices and optimal design team structure and management has clearly shifted. Although this momentum and perspective shift is becoming more and more apparent in the literature, the necessary institutional shifts are not often being recognized and implemented. This presents an opportunity to transform an institutional paradigm by providing an in-depth critical analysis of the current ID trends in order to mobilize more effective and efficient processes for designing face-to-face, online, and blended courses at MSU Denver, and potentially campuses nationwide.

Auraria Secular Student Alliance

Taylor Kendal

The Auraria Secular Student Alliance is a group of students, staff, and other members of the Auraria community who share a secular outlook.  We strive to understand the world through science and reason, from a naturalistic perspective.  We assert that the rights of human beings should be upheld because of the commonality of the human condition and believe in promoting the separation of church and state.