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A Failed Devolution of Evolution

Taylor Kendal

Did I really just ague with a grown-ass man on the validity of evolution in 2013?  He looks to be walking away dejected, but the fact remains, the argument DID in fact just take place, and it having occurred at all is dreadfully troubling.  I felt my youthful brown beard take a slight turn towards a new hue of grey after only a few pathetic words from his mouth; an ironic mouth at that, given the amazing evolution which had to occur to bring it to the point of being able to utter such nonsense in the first place.  Ugh!

Where has America gone so wrong with regards to our national understanding of, or even worse, belief in, evolution?  How in the devolution (not to be confused with de-evolution) of Darwin's revolutionary revelation have we not made greater progress towards a national acceptance of such a fundamental process?

From "Skeptic" Vol. 18 No. 3

An article in the latest Skeptic Magazine dives into a particularly peculiar correlation between belief in evolution and a countries' wealth.  As expected, countries with a greater GDP per capita tend to have their poop in a group. A globally consistent correlation until you hit the good ol' U S of A.  What are we doing down there looking so lonely in the shadow of the curve? So one cant't help but hypothesize that this less than shocking correlation isn't tied to a quantity of wealth, but perhaps the choices made with regards to its distribution.  


Our [United States] defense budget is larger than that of the next 20 largest defense budgets of other countries combined!

I am in no way anti-military or anti-defense, but I am absolutely pro-pragmatism, and given the obvious necessity for science, and specifically evolutionary education, I would say we could benefit from a slight restructuring that allows citizens the opportunity to learn a fundamental (and factual) phenomenon that was proven a century and a half ago.