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Education Tech-equity Paradox

Taylor Kendal

In the current digital age, students often understand technology (even innately many would contend), but don't always have access to it, whereas, teachers often have access, but really don't understand it, at least not to the level of their students.  I've been confronted with this situation time and time again, and still the complexities inevitably perplex me.

There seems to be two angles to attack here.  Try to get more technology into the hands of innately capable students, and assume the next generation of teachers will close the gap, or focus on educating existing teachers on the realities of a digitally-saturated age that has quite literally leapfrogged a huge majority of them.  With the price of educational technology continuing to fall and the power exponentially increasing, I decided to focus on the education in hopes that the problem of student access would in time be solved by the natural trends of the consumer market.

With that preface to load the gun, I offer this reflection and personal experience as a means to hopefully influence others to aim for educational equity and pull the trigger, regardless of your context and sphere of influence.