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ID Gets Agile


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ID Gets Agile

Taylor Kendal


It's not often I'm inspired by the changing face of higher education. Why? Because I hardly ever see anything change. Ok, that's not true, I suppose the constant addition of administrative overhead and needless red tape would constitute change, but I'm talking about change I'm in favor of.  I'm talking about Agile! A term which has been tied to software historically, is making its way into education, and specifically, instructional design. Why is this exciting? Fundamental to this approach are things like, adaptability, rapid-prototyping, nimbleness, and embracing CHANGE! For those not privy to higher ed, these are NOT terms one would typically use to describe how a university functions.

I've always held the belief that there's nothing inherent to the start-up and entrepreneurial culture that couldn't be transferable to education. It's simply the institutional legacy that has made this parallel impossible to realize (until now?). After all, it's these institutions of education that are often churning out the individuals that then go work at super-nimble start-ups. Why not embed a Google-like culture of agility to begin with? Now...this post is coming on the heels of Denver Startup Week (arguably the coolest thing to happen to Denver since the silver boom), so maybe I'm projecting an over-inflated sense of inspiration, but either way, I like the trajectory in town.