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My Chat with #GaryVee


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My Chat with #GaryVee

Taylor Kendal

So I had a brief phone conversation with Gary Vaynerchuck this morning…aka #GaryVee…aka Vayner Media…aka…Hustle Guru…aka (and most importantly) 100% honest and self-aware dude. His “All-In” approach came through loud and clear and I left the conversation absolutely energized. His methods aren’t necessarily novel and his approach to business completely digestible; he’s dominant right now because he works hard and strategically pushes useful content. In my opinion, THAT’S IT! Anyone who think GaryVee has a crystal ball is delusional. The guy works his ass off and understands the nuances of a 21st Century consumer market.

Although brief, I certainly pulled some useful ideas from our conversation, so here are a few thoughts along with some recorded clips to help drive home the ideas.

Adopt Early

Worrying about platform scalability or direction is irrelevant! Just jump in and see if it fits your style. If it does, be a part of the evolution of that community and hope for the best. When things get stale or something doesn’t fit, be prepared to move on with no regrets. 

Push Public Content

Stop over-analyzing everything you produce! If you believe in something, push it relentlessly until your fringe audience has no alternative but to occasionally take a look/read/listen/etc. And push yourself into uncomfortable platforms that will require you to learn new approaches to content delivery. There are 100 million daily active users on Snapchat. I think it deserves your attention.

Avoid Self-worth Bullshit

Don’t overvalue what you’re worth! We become delusional when we see the potential for success. Overestimating our actual value does nothing but leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who truly have the potential to make us great.

Much of our conversation was in regards to, a new social platform that Gary (and myself) have been extremely excited about. If interested, and looking to push your content producing boundaries, jump into the wave below and give me your thoughts.

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* Followup gratitude to Jacob Wolfman for spreading the love!