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The API Age in an IoT


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The API Age in an IoT

Taylor Kendal

It’s 2016 people, get used to acronyms! Don’t know one? You have all of humanity’s knowledge in your pocket...stop being lazy!
— William T. Kendal

Lately, I've been on a gradual mind-bend into the future of connectedness, so bare with me as I open the release valve slightly. Nerd or not, you've likely encountered the term API, and if not, you might as well get to know it because I guarantee you unknowingly make use of them on a daily (hourly?) basis. Our digitized world is littered with Application Program Interfaces, and you should be happy that's the case. Simply put, APIs are the protocols/tools that allow software applications to "get chummy" with one another. Have you ever used an interactive map (maybe Google Maps) on a website or application other than Google? Damn right you have! Well this wouldn't be possible without a little API magic. Oh, and that YouTube video below? Yup, another API at work. Shit, the platform I'm currently typing in, SquareSpace, is nothing if not a platter of hot APIs served up fresh to meet all of my bearded, web-based, skeptical needs.

You may have also heard about the IoT (Internet of Things) craze (think reefer madness except with justified hysteria). Well IoT and APIs are in a pretty serious relationship (talking like third or fourth date here). I've actually heard onlookers yell at them to "get a room!" The IoT is basically a giant API network, and it signifies a drastic shift in how technology influences every human on the planet. It's no longer sufficient to look at a single connected device in isolation. With every device, we need to be critically cognizant of its greater round-the-clock, interconnected, potential. 

Now, there are certainly still devices, services, and even entire companies (shame on you), that operate on archaic proprietary models (don't play well with others), but given the current trends, I don't see them making it to the main IoT stage; a stage which is literally under construction as we speak. Here are just a few examples that illustrate what I see to be an irreversible trend;  one which I don't think is viewed with the revolutionary potential it deserves:



There are even "middleware" companies like MachineshopZetta, ThingSpeak, Restlet and Temboo who are looking to capitalize on this shift by offering services that simplify the complexities of the IoT/API interplay. They all basically offer single APIs to simplify the network of APIs that run the IoT. Make sense? I have no vested interest in Machineshop, but I've met the CEO, they're Colorado grown, already making millions, and I just think they're a rad company who understands where we're headed.

I don't have a clear view of the future (and by future, realize I'm talking about 5 years from now, not 50), but what I do know is that APIs in an IoT are likely to influence a shift towards connection that will be equal in scale to what the Internet represented 20 years ago. Hang on, this ride is about to get bumpy.