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The Bearded Skeptic offers educated & insulated skepticism in a world full of BS. Content and opinions provided by the skeducator, William T. Kendal.

Skeptical Philosophy Underway


Philosophical thoughts, claims and predictions with a skeptical twist from the Bearded Skeptic.

Skeptical Philosophy Underway

Taylor Kendal

Albert's dilemma

Hey all you philosophical fringe seeking freaks! Here's where we're at: I like things, but not your average things; things that make you stop and think.  Things that maneuver your brain to the edge of comfort and then give it one last nudge over the edge.  Things that make you submit to the possibility of the metaphysical in order to avoid the deep thought involved in understanding reality.  Ya know, things.  As part of the Bearded Skeptic, I want to offer the possibility of exploring what Steven Johnson calls the adjacent possible.

The adjacent possible is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the present state of things, a map of all the ways in which the present can re-invent itself
— Steven Johnson

This skeptically angled space for philosophical and scientific exploration is long overdue for me, but it's officially off the ground and I'm excited to finally have a space for discovering and reinventing what it means to be human in the 21st Century.  So take a soak in the sudsy Skilosophy and let the Bearded Skeptic be your guide to an epiphany filled BS-free tomorrow.