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The Bearded Skeptic offers educated & insulated skepticism in a world full of BS. Content and opinions provided by the skeducator, William T. Kendal.

The BS Banter


Philosophical thoughts, claims and predictions with a skeptical twist from the Bearded Skeptic.

The BS Banter

Taylor Kendal

Aside from the primal urge to claw relentlessly at the prevailing BS in education, The Bearded Skeptic embodies three other driving forces; forces which still motivate and inspire me today: Beards, Brains and Banter.  Driving forces? Seems like pretty strong language for some face fuzz, grey matter, and basal babble.  I agree, which is why I decided to explain myself.  

I'll work in reverse order.  Not because I'd like to discuss Banter first, but because order is inescapable, even when we try to avoid it, and if that's true, then we might as well be as disorderly as possible when given the opportunity to act up.  First off, I use banter as a circumferential term whose dense nucleus is comprised of stand-up comedians and those of an otherwise witty disposition who understand that well-crafted language is a means of educating, entertaining and breaking down barriers.  


I've always been drawn to those that are rational yet absurd, intellectual yet grotesque, and passionate yet playful.  There's an unmistakable comedic gene that runs through a small (very small) percentage of people on this Earth, and I've spent years culling the masses for these sultans of satire, these lords of laughter, these barons of banter.  I want to be very clear, not all comedians and/or famous personalities fit this mold.  In fact, very few do.  Let's just say that there's little room in this camp for a Carlos Mencia or Jeff Foxworthy.  Not to say they lack any potential for occasional humor, but to me, they don't understand banter and they aren't, and never will be, constituents of the Bearded Skeptic mortar.

Adam Carolla

So who are these giants I speak of and why did they earn a full banner on The BS?  We'll start with the known...The likes of Adam Corolla, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and of course, the great George Carlin.  They all share a deep understanding of rationality, an unrelenting work ethic, and a passion for turning up the corners of strangers mouths, even if just slightly.  I don't mind that they "sold out" because they remain(ed) grounded.  They take an objective look at the physical world and try to understand and explain it.  I've never known a more noble endeavor. 

Ben Kronberg

Although I'm spoon-fed a near-daily dose from the above leviathans, in my mind, they are on equal footing with some of the underdogs and unfamiliar.  Crusaders such as Adam Cayton-HollandJordan DollBen Kronberg, Chris Hardwick and Sam Tallent.  Now, upon critical inspection, and I implore you to take that approach, you will notice a Rocky Mountain bias as strong as the latest legalized super-strain, but that's simple, undeniable propinquity...oh, and I also happen to think Denver has one of the best comedy scenes in the country.  Each of these banter-blazers sees the world uniquely, and they aren't afraid to make a living out of sharing their respective perspectives.  They aren't to be fully understood, but listen closely, and their genius just might sneak up on you.

Hopefully this provided an initial glimpse of Bearded Skeptic Banter, and as always, stay skeptical, the bearded purveyors of reason will thank you.  Also, stay tuned for similar posts about The Beards and The Brains as we look to triangulate this bitch.