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The Bearded Skeptic offers educated & insulated skepticism in a world full of BS. Content and opinions provided by the skeducator, William T. Kendal.

The BS Brains


Philosophical thoughts, claims and predictions with a skeptical twist from the Bearded Skeptic.

The BS Brains

Taylor Kendal

Having broken down the BS Banter, I turn now to the soupy grey goo that brings intelligence to humans.  Ok, those terms hardly seem mutually inclusive having personally surveyed swaths of ignorance for the better part of a quarter century, but we can at least agree that our brains put as beyond the mollusk intellectually.  Wait, how smart are mollusks?  Shit, I may regret even taking that stance.  Either way, I stand by my position that brains, or at least the configuration of a small percentage of them, play a pivotal role in the philosophical underpinnings of the Bearded Skeptic.  So how do I define smarts you ask?  I'm referring to the humble, unpretentious geniuses whose book-smarts are masked but undeniable, and whose logic and rationality inspirational.  The ones who make you say, "hmm, I really can't argue with that," or "damn, you're right, what was I thinking?"  You want to hug their humility, applaud their selfless mastery, and climb into their mind to sift through the irrefutable logical excellence.


Now we all know someone whose intellect is clearly beyond our own (and if you don't think that person exists, then you've self-selected as someone way dumber than me...thank you); many venturing into the spectrum of autism or other savantish "disorders" making even the most basic social situations damn near impossible.  These aren't the brains I look to, though I'm fascinated to no end by someone who can recite pi to 22,000 decimal places.  The brains of the BS are personable yet intellectually inspirational, rational yet unapologetic, and pragmatic yet daring.  From Harris to Hitchens, deGrasse Tyson to Dawkins.  It's pioneers like these that made/make being brainy sexy.   Watch Richard Dawkins read letters from his admirers and tell me he's not an inspiration (Oh, and keep in mind he's arguably today's leading evolutionary biologist).  Love this man!

Even beyond rationality and clear intellect, there comes a final quality which the BS brainiacs all seem to share.  Their words make you stop and think.  They layer brilliant complexity beneath seemingly simple vocabulary in way very few can.  They don't overtly push the truth upon you, but instead eloquently lay it in your lap without you even noticing.

All we know is how little we know. That’s been, for many years, my definition of an educated person, someone who knows enough to know how ignorant they are.
— Christopher Hitchens

Hopefully this provided an inside look at the brainy side of the Bearded Skeptic, and as always, stay skeptical, the bearded purveyors of reason will thank you.  Stay tuned for the final BS triangulation post on Beards, and check out the post on BS Banter if you tragically managed to miss out.