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The Bearded Skeptic offers educated & insulated skepticism in a world full of BS. Content and opinions provided by the skeducator, William T. Kendal.

The Proof is in the Bearded Pudding


Philosophical thoughts, claims and predictions with a skeptical twist from the Bearded Skeptic.

The Proof is in the Bearded Pudding

Taylor Kendal

I've been at it too long to let any skepticism about my... skepticism go unchallenged.  On three occasions within the past month, the very moral fibers of my existence have been questioned.  "Nothing you do strikes me as being overly skeptical."  I've heard variations on that sentiment more than once.  First off, let's be clear on what skepticism is all about, and what I'm claiming to be the foundation of my belief structure.  Number one misconception: being a skeptic is synonymous with being a cynical nonbeliever.  FALSE!  As anyone who knows me will contest, I'm far from cynical, and I believe in a lot of things, I just rely more heavily on critical thought, rationality, and scientific consensus than blind faith.  I believe 100% in evolution.  Why? Because the scientific evidence is irrefutable...oh, and most importantly, IT MAKES A TON OF FUCKING SENSE!

As the deliberations of these doubters settled in and created an unpleasant internal itch, I started to count the ways I exude skepticism and figured it was time to share a sampling.  At least now I'll have a digitized direction to point them in.  I much prefer that option over actual dialog, especially when open-mindedness and  rational discourse isn't on the menu.  So with Philip J. Fry as my inspiration, off we go...

I rarely wash my hands upon exiting a typical restroom (of course there are revolting rest stop exceptions).  Not because I'm skeptical of the existence of germs, but because I find it unnecessary and wasteful to walk into a bathroom, do my business and then, like a zombie, waltz to a sink to run water over my hands as I glance over my shoulder to be sure the dude at stall three saw my heroic act.  Besides, during a male #1 scenario, one should really only make contact with oneself, and if you have to douse your digits after that, then there may be more of a personal situation.... situation on your hands (literally), in which case, by all means.

I haven't used shampoo or conditioner for well over 3 years.  Not because I think there's a conspiracy between Big-poo and Monsanto, but because it's A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.  Humans have never needed lavender-honeysuckle with pomegranate essence hygiene products and they never will.  Anyone want to conduct a blind touch test between myself and a serial shampooist? I predict the test will prove inconclusive.  My hair s as healthy as it has ever been.

When it comes to medicine/medication, I haven't taken more than a few Advil EVER.  Not because I don't believe in Western medicine (quite the opposite) but because I think we live in a society that over-medicates and always defaults to the next best pill.  To be clear, I get my vaccinations, was first in line for my yellow fever shot before venturing onto the Amazon and will gladly take a dose of morphine if I bust a femur, but I think there's a level of rationality that gets skirted when it comes to magic pills and potions.  Oh, did I mention that I hardly EVER get sick.  Eat some fruits and vegetables, exercise, and play in the dirt once in a while; you'll be amazed where that gets you.      

And finally....I've never been religious and never will be.  Not because I disapprove of those who are or misunderstand deep-seated dogma, but because I've never been provided sufficient proof to have me believe otherwise.  I'll leave you to your belief of choice, and you leave me to my skepticism.