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The Bearded Skeptic offers educated & insulated skepticism in a world full of BS. Content and opinions provided by the skeducator, William T. Kendal.



Philosophical thoughts, claims and predictions with a skeptical twist from the Bearded Skeptic.


Taylor Kendal

Over the past few months, I've invited a lot of change into my A LOT! I'm not sure whether an update is even necessary, but for those with which I don't often connect, I wanted to be sure you at least had the option to peek into my current reality. 

The Past

Until now, I've only really known one professional life. For 10 years I've worked for the Library of Congress, focused intently on improving education by way of digital primary sources. I built the project (formerly An Adventure of the American Mind) from the ground up, saw it grow to become one of three regional projects of its kind in the country, and led an effort over the past few years to build an online community (The TPS Teachers Network) which will act as a lasting legacy for thousands of educators. This work has shaped me in countless ways, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunities and relationships it afforded me. In many ways, The Bearded Skeptic was born in the belly of the Library of Congress (knowledge is power kids)!

The Present

  • of Monday, April 4, 2016, I'm beginning a new chapter; one which will bring new challenges, but ultimately more opportunity to create significant change in an educational landscape that I believe desperately needs it. As a Senior Instructional Designer at MSU Denver, I'm hoping to realize added leverage and create a wider network of friends and colleagues who understand the pivotal moment we live in with regards to technology. I've been totally fascinated with entrepreneurship since finishing grad school (See Agile Instructional Design Network) and its potential to act as a revolutionary catalyst within bureaucracies (i.e. educational institutions). It's exciting to see that my thinking has already created a wave of momentum at MSU (my new position exists because of it), and I'm looking forward to initiating what I believe will be a national transformation (just wait and see).

The Future

With this personal shift in focus, and a few serendipitous affirming moments (i.e. My Chat with #GaryVee) I'm realizing that I need to re-position myself in order to capitalize on what I believe to be a significant opportunity. With this in mind, I've started TAYKEN DESIGN. This will likely be my personal focus for the near future (or at least until it isn't), and represents my vision and potential for education to both learn from and adopt the processes and practices of the culture of entrepreneurship (I've tayken the best..double entendre in effect). Fear not, The Bearded Skeptic will live on and represent my creative outlet for sharing and discussing matters related to skepticism, critical thinking, and general #Bullshit. That said, TAYKEN DESIGN is something that deserves my attention, so the BS will be taking a back seat for the time being. 

I'll need all of the help I can get to keep the momentum moving, so take a second to follow, share. and otherwise spread the social media TAYKEN love (website forthcoming):

The Social Past

The Social Future

I find Anchor, Ello, Insta, and Snapchat to be the most exciting consumer platforms currently on the market. Get signed up, follow/add me, and let's get to work! These tools are gonna be a big part of the educational world being TAYKEN by storm!