Coursera Monthly Subscription: What’s Included and Should You Get One?

Coursera Monthly Subscription: What’s Included and Should You Get One?

I’ll start off by revealing the fact: Coursera does not currently offer a monthly subscription option. However, if you have a Coursera Plus subscription, you can pay on a monthly or annual basis.

The monthly subscription cost for Coursera Plus is $59. Meanwhile, if you pay for a single program, it will cost around $49-$79 for a month.

Coursera Plus monthly subscription features

Here is what is included in the Coursera Plus monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription gives more budget-conscious learners a lower commitment option to access Coursera’s premium features.

The monthly subscription provides all the regular benefits of Coursera Plus: access to over 7000 courses, unlimited certificates, and and offline downloadin. However, you are more flexible with how much you want to pay and how long you’ll continue. ALso, you’ll be able to cancel any timr.

Moreover, payment would be handled as a recurring monthly charge through a credit card, similar to other digital subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify. Learners could likely cancel at any time, with access expiring at the end of the paid billing cycle.

Who is Coursera monthly subscription for

A Coursera monthly pass could appeal to students using Coursera for a semester at a time or continuous learners not ready to commit to a full year. It offers flexibility missing from the rigid annual renewal requirement of the Plus plan.

Moreover, this type of payment works for people who are planning to dedicate a particular period for active learning. For example, a summer or winter holiday or just a month when they have less work and less active social life.

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