The Bearded Skeptic began as a means to both educate others, and also avoid a personal downward spiral towards unavoidable insanity after witnessing a lifetime of BS in public education. 

I bring extensive experience in education, skepticism, and philosophy to this space, including over a decade of work for the Library of Congress. Through work with this preeminent institution, I was led to a love for critical thinking, education, design, and skepticism, along with a mess of other dabblings including, cosmology, astro & quantum physics, bio & nanotechnology, and anything else that elicits philosophical revelations and forces a re-imagining of the adjacent possible.  

I graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Technical Communication and a minor in Interactive Digital Media from Metropolitan State University of Denver, and in 2015 with a M.S. in Information Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado Denver.  Self-proclaimed futurist, optimist, and technophile with an overdeveloped sense for sniffing out BS.

Drop me a message at william@beardedskeptic.com and let’s chat about eduction, self-development, and more.

Bearded Skeptic
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