Coursera Review

coursera review

Coursera is one of the most popular platforms for free online courses from top universities around the world. Today, 71 million students, more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, and over 6,400 campuses, businesses, and governments come to Coursera to access world-class learning, anytime, anywhere. Looking for a Coursera review and the answer to whether a Coursera certificate is worth it? I have something for you here.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform, also known as MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform, basically online courses aimed at a large audience through the Internet. It provides free access to quality education from anywhere. Coursera was founded in 2012 by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng with a vision to deliver life-transforming learning experiences to students around the world.

The company offers more than 2,700 degree programs, more than 250 majors, and more than four accredited degree programs. Coursera courses are usually free. To access assessed work and receive a graduate certificate, you must pay your money’s worth. Many of these courses are Coursera specializations, a series of related courses, and sometimes a Capstone project. Since its launch, Coursera has taught more than 25 million students in more than 2,000 courses.

Coursera caters to both individuals and organizations looking to build their teams. It offers courses in several of the most widely spoken languages, including Spanish, English, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Therefore, people from all over the world can access Coursera’s high-quality courses without the language barrier.

Coursera’s curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, as do many small and medium-sized universities.

Currently, it has 150 universities in 29 countries around the world. Among the entire catalog of courses you can find courses from Stanford University, Duke, Penn, Princeton, Michigan, Beijing or HEC Paris among others.

In addition, not only can you find courses from prestigious universities, it has also partnered with companies such as IBM, Google and PwC that also publish free courses on the platform.

Each of the courses is taught by top professors from world-renowned universities and companies.

To access the Coursera course catalog, just click here. You will find a page like the following.

If you click on the “Explore” button located where the red arrow is, you will see all the categories of courses you can take.

Coursera Foundation

In 2012, two computer science professors at Stanford, undergraduate professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, decided to offer their courses online for free and the response was overwhelming. This led to the founding of Coursera, which has partnered with 149 universities around the world to provide access to high-quality courses anywhere, anytime.

Since its launch, this site has served more than 25 million students in over 2,000 classes. Recently, they have begun offering full-time degrees in some areas, which will allow students to advance even further on the platform.

Is Coursera Worth it?

Coursera offers courses on virtually every subject, both technical and business. Top-rated courses on this educational platform include Arts and Humanities, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Business, Digital Learning and more.

Coursera is an ideal learning platform for people who, for various reasons, cannot attend traditional brick-and-mortar classes. Maybe they can’t quit their job or take care of their kids, etc. Coursera offers you the opportunity to enhance your career and lifestyle, as there is no fixed learning schedule. Coursera’s mobile apps give you access to Coursera lessons anytime, anywhere.

Cost is another reason people stop learning. All Coursera courses are free unless you want to receive a certificate of completion. Even if you want a certificate, these courses don’t cost a fortune. If you have the opportunity to participate in the forum, you will interact with colleagues from all over the world and share your ideas with them. This is very useful for implementing your projects.

In this detailed Coursera review, we will tell you everything you need to know about pursuing your career goals and passions by enrolling in certificate programs with Coursera.

Is Coursera Good?

  • Great selection of courses
  • Expert-level instruction
  • Different duration of courses
  • Interactive platform
  • Certificates recognized by employers
  • A lot of free resources
  • Not-so-good discussion boards.
  • Greater variety of course options in specific niches only
  • Some programs, including online degrees are very pricey

The advantages (pros) of Coursera

1) Speed
One of the best things about taking classes on Coursera is that it won’t take you long to finish them. The experience may not be exactly the same as if you were in classes at a university, but you can advance faster and get your degree quicker than if you were taking traditional classes. You may also take longer to finish your degree or go at a slower pace. Plus, it’s also cheaper than regular school!

2) Great selection of courses
There are many courses you can take on Coursera. You’ll find classes in many different areas, but there are some areas that are more popular than others (like business and technology). You can also take some classes for free.

3) Expert-level instruction
What I like most about Coursera is that the professors are experts and know what they are talking about. This is usually not the case with other MOOCs. You may not get as much information as you would like because of this. However, that’s not a problem with Coursera, because all the courses have expert professors, so you’ll learn everything you need to know right.

Teaching a class on Coursera is different from other MOOCs. Coursera sets the bar very high. It only accepts the best instructors with many years of experience and a degree in teaching or who attend seminars.

4) Short assignments and lectures
Some of the courses on Coursera are short. The lecture videos and assignments are short, so you’ll be able to read them quickly. Almost all video lectures are less than half an hour, so you can watch them in one sitting and then get on with your day.

5) Interactive platform
I’ve taken classes in other courses before, and one thing I don’t like about them is that they are passive. You take the class on your own time and you can do it however you want. But sometimes this can be bad because it’s easy to stop paying attention during class when no one is watching. However, this is not a problem with Coursera! They will be hard to do but also fun because you can talk to people in the course and ask questions whenever you want. However, the discussion forums are not as good as they should be.

6) Coursera Certificates
Coursera is an online school that can help you get a better job. You could get a certificate that shows you have learned something. A university may give you credit for the course if it is part of a master’s degree or if it matches what they teach. Coursera has many courses and more universities are joining, so there are more options to find the one that best suits your needs.

The disadvantages (cons) of Coursera

1) Lengthy application process.
To enroll in a Coursera course, you must first submit an application. There is a wait time before you can start the course. It is not as long as going to a university but it is still longer than enrolling in a regular course.

2) Not-so-good discussion boards.
Most MOOCs offer discussion boards where students can interact with each other and with teachers. However, people have said that the discussion boards in Coursera courses are not very good. People say they have a better experience when they take a class that is longer (like a semester) or if it is shorter but has regular meetings with instructors.

You may not get feedback. You can upgrade and pay for graded homework features, but sometimes you may not be able to get them (at least not in depth). The system is not really comprehensive and you may not always get the feedback you want on your assignments.

3) Greater variety of course options in specific niches only.
Most Coursera classes seem to be about technology, business, and personal development. They don’t have many options for learning humanities.

4) Steep Coursera Plus membership fee.
Coursera Plus allows you to take classes on different topics, but the price is expensive. Other people may not want to pay more than $400 per month. If you are paying, you will be encouraged to take all of your courses to get your money’s worth.

Coursera Pros

Learn the latest skills
Prepare for a career in high-demand fields such as IT, AI, and cloud engineering.
Improve your organization
Interactive platform
Large selection of courses
Free learning resources for college students
hands-on projects and courses for job-ready certificates, professional credentials.
Over 200 leading universities and companies to provide people with flexible, affordable and job-relevant online learning.
Learn from leading universities and companies
Flexible scheduling
You can earn a degree
Get on-demand lectures for desktop computers

Coursera Cons

Course content is mainly limited to academic subjects and professional skills.
Not the best discussion forums
Steep Coursera Plus membership fee.

How Coursera works

Coursera courses are organized like classic college courses and are divided into humanities, social sciences, and various other categories.

If you are looking for a class that contributes to a university program, check which institution supports the class (the information highlighted on each course page) and whether your class accepts it.

Courses typically last four to six weeks. Each class includes several hours of video per week, graded grades, quizzes and peer-to-peer forums. Some courses end with final exams.

Coursera’s free courses offer video lectures and exercises. Free courses generally do not offer formal college credit. However, to receive a signed “Certificate of Completion,” you must pay a fee. However, certificates are not available for all paid courses at this time.

After selecting a class, you will be asked if you want to pay for the certificate or if you just want to use the free version. From the start of the course, you have 180 days to complete the work, although most courses suggest a much shorter time to complete the work.

From there, you can browse the classroom, watch videos and do homework while staying in touch with other students in the same group around the world. After completing the course, once you have paid for the course, you will receive your certificate and can move on to the next course.

Coursera Cost

Recently, Coursera has updated its course schedule and now gives more value to on-demand courses. On the previous platform, users could access courses and generally had unpredictable schedules. Therefore, this new change in the orientation of the website seems to be useful for students. Courses can now be attended every two weeks and also every month.

Follow a specific pricing model for specializations. Students must pay monthly fees if current prices are between $39 and $89. Those who wish to specialize must pay $373 and attend the five core courses with a specialization certificate.

If you wish to purchase a particular course, you must pay $79. A certificate is also offered when the student has completed the course. If you want to have access to all the course material on this website, you can also get it. In this case, you cannot receive the certification.

It is better to know that the monthly fee is available for a $40.00 payment and offers a 14-day money back guarantee. These courses provide hands-on learning materials, discussion forums and various post-graduate assignments to enhance students’ learning skills.

How to take Coursera courses for free?
How to take Coursera courses for free:

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Search for the course you want
  3. Click on “sign up for free”.
  4. Click on “audit single course”.
  5. Enjoy your free Coursera course!

Alternatively, you can go to the Financial Aid form, that is, similar to if you were applying for a scholarship, and write as explicitly as possible why you think they should give you the course for free.

Getting Started with Coursera

Log in to and explore the available courses. Select the desired course. If it is a specialization, a window will pop up asking you for a 7-day free trial. Otherwise, you will find options to confirm the course or pay once to get the certificate of completion.

You will also see the option “Full course, no certificate” for many courses. These courses give you free access to all course content, including assignments and exclusions.

You should know that Coursera courses have a start week and an end week. These courses are synchronous, meaning they are only available at this time. On the other hand, there are asynchronous courses that students can attend at any time.

Click on the course title for more information. The course page provides an overview of the course, the course syllabus, lists of frequently asked questions, the course creator, fees, grades and comments, and the course registration start date. The site provides a good reading of the course content for each week.

If you like a course, click on the blue “Sign Up” or “Register” button to follow the course.

Coursera’s courses

Coursera has specialized programs and courses related to different subjects such as business, history, computer science, physical sciences, languages, arts and humanities, among a wide range of these

Each course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the best universities and educational institutions in the world. Courses include recorded video lectures, self-graded and reviewed assignments, and discussion forums.

To enroll in any of their courses or programs, you must open an account on Coursera with which you can register through Facebook or with your email. Once you sign up for a course, you can view all the materials and take the course according to your own schedule.

These courses can be studied in different languages, such as Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese, French, among others, but most of the courses are taught in English.

Currently, this platform has more than two thousand courses on different topics, taught in 29 countries and by 147 institutions, so that anyone anywhere in the world can take them and learn. Let’s take a closer look at the different categories of courses:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Health
  • Mathematics and Logic
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Languages

All courses are 100% online, you can take them from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and internet access.Each course is like an interactive textbook, with pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects. You can also discuss with other students in the forums, and if you wish, get a course certificate.

You can find different modalities of online courses, specialization and degrees.

Courses: Courses include recorded video lectures, self-graded assignments and discussion forums. When you complete a course, you can receive an electronic Certificate of Completion.
Specializations: With a specialization, you can master a specific, targeted professional skill. To do this, you can complete a series of rigorous courses in which you will be faced with hands-on projects based on real-world challenges. Upon completion of the courses, you will earn a Certificate of Specialization.
Online degrees: With Coursera, you can study for a college degree from a variety of universities that offer flexible and affordable online degree programs.

What does Coursera offer? Coursera Python, Coursera Python, Coursera Machine Learning
Currently, this network offers more than 22 million active students with interactive classes such as online video tutorials. The main points of Coursera are:

courses: it offers about 1,600 courses and 700 advanced subjects, which were added to the library in 2016. In this large list of courses, about 40% are related to business, science, data and management outreach. Some of the most popular courses in this network have more than one million active students.
Language: If we talk about the language of instruction offered by Coursera online learning platform, you will be pleased that it is offered in 8 popular languages: Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, English, Chinese and Traditional Chinese. It helps users learn from all corners of the world without language barriers.
Course: Types The Courser platform is known for specializing in the best courses up to 130+. It offers engineering courses for both engineers and the business world. Other popular subjects include biology, medicine, humanities, etc.
Coursera’s online learning platform is available for both individual students and organizations. If you want to improve your skills for practical reasons, we recommend that you continue with Coursera.
Instructors: Coursera trainers are connected by all popular universities and organizations around the world. With this platform, which provides a professional learning environment, users can follow the advice of more than 4,000 experienced instructors at various universities around the world.
Coursera has more than 145 industry partners.
So far, more than 600,000 students have received a course certificate.
Coursera Education Review – Developed
The state of Coursera in [year].
Coursera now includes three different business units:

Coursera has a total of 37 million students, of which 7 million were added in [year]. This is the same number of new students who joined the platform in 2017. Although the number of students added each year is stable, more of these students appear to be paying up. This is due to the monetization changes Coursera made in 2017 and earlier.

Coursera education review – course.
Sales estimates suggest that Coursera has gained hundreds of thousands of new paying customers in [year], bringing the total number of people who have already paid Coursera to several million.

Coursera didn’t do much with the consumer product this year; it didn’t conduct further pricing experiments or change its paywall.

Coursera maintains an active catalog of approximately 3,100 courses and 310 specializations, created by more than 160 academic partners and more than 20 industry partners. In 2021, 675 courses and 90 specializations were launched.

The top 10 courses on Coursera

  1. Google IT Automation with Google Python.
  2. Yale’s Science of Wellness.
  3. IBM Data Science from IBM.
  4. Machine Learning from Stanford University.
  5. Python for All from the University of Michigan,
  6. Google IT Support from Google,
  7. Deep learning from eplearningai,
  8. Data science from Johns Hopkins University,
  9. Learn to code from HarvardX;
  10. Principles of computer science and principles of computer science with UC Berkeley.

Coursera Specializations

If you want to distinguish yourself for a particular skill or subject, you can sign up for a Coursera specialization. The company offers more than 250 specializations, including advanced machine learning, business building, data structure and algorithms, MySQL, graphic design and more.

A Coursera specialization is a micro-diploma that combines several relevant courses, usually 4 or 5 courses, into clusters. Some of these specializations include a Capstone project as a capstone course. These projects are peer-controlled. Shorter specializations often take only three courses and take 4 to 6 months. On the other hand, some specializations can take up to 10 courses and last a year.

If you want a specialization certification, you must pay for all courses included in the specialization. You can attend each course separately, but you cannot jump into Capstone projects without completing all other specialization courses.

Coursera works with industry partners who support the data specialization, case studies, and conferences. Some of these partners also help with the development of course materials and reward students who complete an outstanding project.

Coursera specializations cost per subscription between $39 and $79 per month. You will be billed for a 7-day free trial. If you want to continue with the specialization, you can pay, finish the course and receive your certificate. Otherwise, you can cancel your subscription before the specified deadline.

Coursera certificate

Many people wonder if Certificates from sites like Coursera or edX are valid or not, and the answer is: it depends.

Example of a Certificate (design may vary)
Some people pay for the Certificate because they feel that this way they are much more committed to the course.

While others, choose to have a Certificate to improve their Resume or LinkedIn.

There are more and more companies that value that people take this kind of courses on their own initiative, so you will get “extra points” if you have a Certificate.

But you also have to take into account that other companies are still unaware of the online education world and will find it harder to take into account the Certificates of online courses.

So you must decide if you want to pay for a Certificate.

My recommendation is that, if you can, get a Certificate for the courses you take, plus Coursera’s prices are very cheap compared to traditional classroom education.
Having a Certificate will make you much more committed to a course and to finish it.

In addition, it will help you to improve your resume and thus have better job options.

Another tip I give you is to choose the Coursera courses that can help you the most in your work and personal life, and take them all.

But pay for the Certificate only for the course you are most interested in having on your resume.

This way, you can take all the courses you want for free and only pay for one or two Certificates that you think you need to have in your CV.

The Certificates that you should pay for are those that correspond to courses related to the area in which you want to work.
Also, it is recommended that you pay for Certificates from prestigious universities such as Yale, Stanford, University of Washington, among many others.
If you are passionate about online education and want to get many Certificates, I recommend Coursera Plus.

With a single annual payment or a monthly subscription you can get unlimited Certifications.

Can I get a certificate of completion?
A certificate of completion and participation in the course is available to you, which you can obtain by passing all of the practice and graded quizzes within the modules of each course.

Coursera for Business

According to Coursera, the company has more than 1,500 corporate customers (including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies), up from 500 at the end of last year.

Coursera for Business costs $400 per employee per year and includes full access to a catalog of approximately 2,500 courses. This is a subset of the full Coursera catalog. Earlier this year, Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania (including the Wharton School of Business) released their Coursera for Business catalogs. Here is a list of courses that are not part of Coursera for Business.

Coursera has updated its corporate product in 2021, primarily to extract more information from business learning data and streamline integration with its internal learning management systems. These changes are summarized on the Coursera blog.

The most exciting developments of 2021 can be found in the online stock market. I mentioned the excitement of MOOC-based online degrees as the second wave of MOOC hype.

In 2021, Coursera announced eight new online degrees from six new universities. One of these degrees is a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of London. Another is a diploma from an Ivy League school; The degree is a Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Here is a list of the twelve online Coursera diplomas that have been announced so far:

Coursera’s first online degree was IMBA from the University of Illinois, Geis College of Business at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), which was announced in May 2015. The $22,000 iMBA award was the closest to tens of thousands of dollars to date. To date, more than 1,000 plus students have enrolled in the program and the first cohorts of students have graduated.

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, and dean of Business College at the University of Illinois Gies, Jeffrey Brown. Source: Coursera.

For more information on the UIUC course contactless interview, Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, and Gies Business School dean Jeffrey Brown.

Earlier this year, the company presented some statistics about its degree programs at the Coursera Partnership Conference: In January, there were a total of 1,632 students and $9.6 million in tuition fees. Training to Today.

Coursera education review – build.
Interestingly, 50% of diploma candidates had already used Coursera’s platform, demonstrating that Coursera’s free MOOCs can serve as a marketing channel for its online degrees.

Coursera offers a highly interactive learning style.
Daphne Koller has conducted extensive research on pedagogical approaches and the question of how artificial intelligence can stimulate student attachment to Coursera.

All Coursera courses rely on measures to enhance learning. For example, video conferencing repeatedly interrupts students to ask what they have learned so far during the course. Students receive immediate feedback on the assignment. It keeps students engaged, attentive and motivated.

The official Coursera website is very simple and easy to use. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface, the website is easy to navigate even for newcomers. Students quickly take notes on essays, quizzes and teacher feedback, which is important given the high number of enrollments for each course.

Coursera Partnerships

Coursera partners with different organizations. They ask some of these organizations to partner with them. The terms and contracts may be different from one organization to another, but I think they are all good. If you want, you can fill out a form on the website that asks questions about your school or company and see if Coursera will partner with you.

Some of the advantages are:
Growth: you can enhance your career and reputation by doing projects in person.
Resources: you can become an instructor. Your instructors will get all the help they need to do a good job.
Income: you earn money based on the number of projects you do.
Impact: you can help people learn valuable skills for their careers by sharing your expertise with them in person.

How do I choose a course?
With over 4000 online courses available, it might seem confusing for some students to select the right course. Since these courses are offered by industry-leading companies, businesses and universities, they have detailed descriptions of all your interests and courses available to help you make the right decision for yourself.

Can I get free certificates from Coursera?
Generally, for most courses listed on Coursera, if you have completed one and wish to earn the certification, additional fees apply.

How do I use the Coursera Certificate on my resume?
Once you have earned the Certificate upon completion of your course, you will have the option to upload the Certification to your LinkedIn account. A Coursera Certification has been a great fit for individuals seeking better career opportunities.

What is the Coursera Refund Policy?
Coursera offers a 14-day money back guarantee for anyone who is not satisfied with the courses available on their dashboard. However, if the student later contacts Coursera to cancel the subscription, with a valid reason, they can contact the Coursera help center.

How do I apply for financial aid or a scholarship?
Since Coursera is really expensive, they offer scholarship and financial aid programs. If you want to apply for financial aid or scholarship from Coursera, you need to complete a form available on their website with your academic background, future plans and financial circumstances.

🤔Is Coursera reliable?

Yes, Coursera is a legitimate online learning platform that includes online courses, certificates and degrees from top-tier universities and companies.

✅ Is Coursera accredited?

Yes, Coursera courses are accredited by leading global universities and reputable companies.

🔥 Are Coursera courses free?

Yes, some Coursera courses are free to start. However, if you want to get a certificate of completion, you must go with paid courses.

💵How much does Coursera cost?

Most Coursera courses cost $39-79/per month (USD) per subscription. But there are a lot of free courses where you just can’t get a certificate.

Why is Coursera no longer free?

Generally, Coursera courses are free to audit. If you want access to graded assignments and a course certificate, you must pay. This is because Coursera is a single-page application and information only appears after you log in.

Are Coursera courses good?

Coursera courses are very good. You can learn from professors who work at leading universities. This is better than other eLearning course providers because Coursera awards verified certificates and real degrees. These certificates and degrees can be useful for your career

What’s unique about Coursera?

In college, you can take individual courses. There are many different courses on various topics. The best thing about taking an individual course is that most of them are free. But if you want to pay for the course, there are also some advantages.

Should I list Coursera on my resume?

Some people ask if they should put their credentials in their education section or in a different section. Unless there is a good reason not to, you should put your Coursera credentials in the Education section of your resume.

Who are Coursera’s competitors?

Coursera has many competitors. Its main competitors are Udemy, eDX, Udacity.

Do employers like Coursera’s certificates?

Are Coursera courses accredited? Yes, most Coursera courses are accredited by some of the best learning institutions in the world. And these certificates have some value to employers. As long as they recognize the quality that Coursera brings to the table and its instructors.

How are MOOCs beneficial to modern learning?
MOOCs are online courses that are a new way of learning. You can download them and do them at home on your computer. If you want to talk to other people, you can post in the discussion forum or be on video with thousands of people.

Do grades matter on Coursera?
Coursera cannot provide any information about your progress, course completion, grades, or anything other than the course Certificate. The certificate will be in whatever language you took the course in.

Do Coursera certificates expire?
To get a Course Certificate, you must pay for it. If you pay 180 days ago or 180 days after the course launch (whichever is longer), you will get your Certificate. Otherwise, your payment will be due.

Why is Coursera so bad?
There have been many reports of plagiarism in Coursera courses. Some students take other people’s work and make it their own. This is a serious infraction.

What is Coursera’s net worth?
In 2019, the company reached a value of more than $1 billion. Then, the company said in 1 that it had raised $2020 million from a Series F funding round and its valuation was upgraded to more than $130 billion.

How much does Coursera Plus cost?
Coursera Plus is a $399 subscription that gives you access to most of Coursera’s online courses. You can also earn certificates for courses.

Does Coursera charge per course?
There are some courses on Coursera that you pay for once and then you have them for 180 days. You can see how much a course costs on the course home page. If you want to take another course in that specialization, it will cost more each month.

Can you fail a Coursera course?
If you don’t finish a Coursera course before the end of the week, you can still access it. But if you wait until the course closes, there may not be anyone to review your work.

Is EdX or Coursera better?
Both Coursera and EdX offer courses in many subjects. But Coursera is more for professional training, such as computer science or business degrees. And EdX focuses on humanities and natural sciences. In addition, Coursera offers series of paid courses (specializations).

Can Coursera spot the pitfalls?
In response to this need, Coursera has developed a set of features that help schools achieve a high level of academic integrity. They do this by 1) making it difficult for people to cheat and 2) accurately assessing a student’s ability to understand the material they are learning with these tests.

Does the Coursera certificate have value on the resume?
In my opinion, it is helpful to have Coursera certificates on your resume. If you work as a software engineer, they are really great. The certificate shows that you put in the effort to learn the technology and paid for it.

What happens if you miss a deadline on Coursera?
Missed deadlines do not affect your grades. You can still earn a course certificate as long as you complete all of your work. If you submit a peer-reviewed assignment after the deadline, you may not receive enough peer reviews.

How quickly can you finish a Coursera course?
All Coursera courses have a suggested time commitment. Generally, it is 4 to 10 weeks of study. But you can take your time and study at your own pace.

Is Coursera accredited in the US?
Coursera courses are accredited by universities. It gives you a certificate that can help you with your career. Unlike other providers, it gives you a real degree and some employers will recognize it.

How much does Coursera Google cost?
You can earn the Google IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera. It costs $49 per month after a seven-day free trial. If you finish all five courses in six months, it costs about $294.

Is Coursera free on lock-in?
On March 12, 2020, they started giving free access to Coursera for colleges and universities that were affected by the coronavirus.

Does Coursera help get a job?
In a Coursera survey last year, 72% of people said they had career benefits. 43% of them reported that they were more likely to be hired for a new job and 26% actually found a new job.

Is the Google certificate from Coursera valid?
The IT support certificate is recognized by the University of London and Coursera.

Is Coursera better than udemy?
Udemy has more courses. Coursera courses are also good, but Udemy often has better teaching methods. You can learn from the best universities in the world on Coursera, and their certificates have value because they come from those best universities.

What’s better than Coursera?
Udemy is more popular than Coursera. Udemy was founded in 2010 and is arguably the most popular elearning platform in the world. So far, 300 million students have joined this platform and there are more than 150,000 courses available to study.

How many attempts can you have for the Coursera quiz?
You can take a quiz up to 3 times every 8 hours. The number of questions that must be answered correctly is shown at the beginning of each quiz.

Are Coursera courses timed?
If you are taking a timed assessment, you will see a box that tells you how much time you have left. Once the time is up, any work that has been completed on the Coursera platform will be automatically submitted.

How do I reset my Coursera deadline?
If you miss two deadlines in a row or miss one by two weeks, there will be an option on the Grades and Overview page. Click on it to create a new schedule for the course with updated deadlines.

Can you start a Coursera course late?
Yes, you can still enroll. You can join a self-paced course at any time after the start date. If it is an instructor-led course, you will not be able to take any work that is overdue.

How do I get free assignments from Coursera?
How to enroll in Coursera courses for free.
You can enroll in courses that are free. Some of the courses have assessments or quizzes, but do not award a certificate. Other courses are fee-only. If you cannot afford the course and want a certificate, you must apply for financial aid from Coursera.

Can I skip videos in Coursera?
Yes, you can skip videos in Coursera. This does not affect your grades or your performance in the course. But you cannot skip them all.

Can I complete the Coursera course in one day?
Some of the top Coursera courses are very popular. They have high ratings on Coursera and can be done in 8 hours or less, so check them out. If you want to get a certificate, you will need to pay for it.

Are Coursera courses self-directed?
Over the past year, Coursera has offered courses in two different formats: self-paced (no start or end date) and flexible session-based (regular sessions that start and end on specific days). Both formats offer different options for you to take. The session-based format offers the same flexibility as a self-paced course.

How often are Coursera courses offered?
You can take a course whenever you want, it’s once a month. You get credit for all work you submit by the session end date, even if you miss the one-week deadline. If it takes more than one session to finish the course, you can skip to the next one and start where you left off.

How quickly can you complete Coursera?
All Coursera courses have a suggested time commitment. It’s usually between 4-10 weeks, but you can do it at your own pace.

Can I get a Coursera certificate during the free trial?
If you enroll in a course during a free trial, you will get a Course Certificate. You can only do this once per subscription.

Coursera alternatives

The best Coursera alternatives for 2022 are EDX, Udacity, Udemy, and Data Camp.

Coursera vs EDX

EDX is a formal education platform with over 2500 courses and 300+ programs to offer. EDX creates these courses and programs with over 150 partners such as Harvard and UC Berkeley. EDX was created by former Harvard and MIT professors and has over 30 million students. Students receive certificates for the courses they complete. EDX maintains an excellent track record by offering a 14-day refund option if a student is not satisfied with the online content offered.

Most courses offered on EDX can be accessed for free, however, you will not be granted access to any qualifying materials or certifications once you are finished with the courses. Since EDX is an online platform, they focus on making the learning experience fun and convenient for students.

Some of the best courses EDX focuses on
Computer Science
Business Studies
Scientific Data
EDX offers plans for companies and individuals. For companies, EDX creates customized plans to enhance and train employees. With a broad base of world-class content, EDX has over a thousand courses to offer.

If you wish to pursue courses for certification, you can do so at a cost. Most of the courses offered at EDX have accredited certifications available. Certificates bear the partner’s seal and the instructor’s signature. Individuals can link their certificates to their LinkedIn profiles.

Some of the EDX partners
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Harvard University
University of California Berkeley
The University of Texas System

EDX is a great platform for students to learn and master new skills along with certification in all subjects they master. The certifications are recognized by all major employers. With its world-class instructors, detailed online courses, self-paced modules, and links to recognized universities, you can be sure you are in good hands.

Coursera vs Udemy

Udemy is a Turkey-based startup that was founded by Eren Bali. Eren prepared for a Math Olympiad in his small town alone with the help of the Internet and received a silver medal. He then created Udemy as online education changed his life. Udemy now has 6 offices in San Francisco, Ankara Turkey, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Denver and Gurgaon India.

Udemy has over 40 million subscribers studying from its platform, 56,000 instructors dedicated to helping students, over 150,000 courses to choose from, 110 million minutes of video, over 60 languages and over 7000 partners. Udemy works with various organizations to help their employees become effective professionals by providing them with internal development courses and excellent learning and development programs.

Some of Udemy’s clients
Monkey Survey
Singapore Civil Service College
General Mills
Future SG Skills
Kaiser Permanente

Benefits of Udemy
There are numerous different courses available on one platform ranging from programming to business marketing.
Reasonably priced, plans start from around $15.
Expert instructors are available with an unlimited range of knowledge.
Quick and easy tutorial videos to help students learn faster.
Adjust your playback speed to learn from the videos at your own pace.
Over 60 languages for all learners to access.

Coursera vs DataCamp

DataCamp offers courses in Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Excel, Oracle, Git, spreadsheets and many more renowned names in the market. DataCamp’s primary focus is data science and claims to have helped over 5 million data science students. DataCamp does not make users pay for specific courses, but gives them access to all of its 300+ online courses on a subscription model.

DataCamp works in three main areas to make the courses fun and interesting for its users. They start with detailed instructional videos, multiple choice questions and then coding exercises. With excellent animations in their instructional videos, DataCamp excels in delivering classroom video content.

Courses offered by DataCamp
Data Manipulation
Importing and cleaning data
Data Visualization
Machine Learning
Applied Funding

DataCamp certifications add good value to students who want to apply for reputable jobs. There are options to upload the certifications to LinkedIn. The Certificates are not charged additionally, but once the student completes the program, he/she can download it from the website. Even if a young enthusiast would like to start with these courses without any prior knowledge in the subject, DataCamp makes the learning experience really easy and smooth.

DataCamp Partners
The technologies in which DataCamp excels are Python, R, SQL, Tableau, Excel, Oracle, Git, Spreadsheets and many more renowned names in the market.

DataCamp subscriptions start at $25 per month, where the user gets access to all available online courses. The free plan can only offer you the first few chapters of all available courses, a handful of projects, coding challenges and a skills assessment only. There interested users are advised to opt for the monthly subscription plan for better skill development.

Coursera vs Udacity

Udacity is working to create a platform to train the global workforce for the careers of the future. Udacity is teaming up with the world’s leading technology companies to innovate the way people learn. Udacity began by offering a free online “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course. They currently have over 160,000 students enrolled on their platform and their presence is in 190 countries. Check out our Udacity Review with pros & cons & Latest Udacity coupons for students.

Programs offered by Udacity
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Systems
Business Administration
Cloud Computing
Cyber Security
Data Science
Programming and Development
Product Management
Professional Growth

As a company, if you want to improve the efficiency of your team and improve them, Udacity offers a great platform.

What is included for Udacity for Business
HD video content by instructors with detailed course content.
Real-world projects designed by industry experts
Certificate of completion of the Nanodegree program
Post-graduate access to all online coursework
Building products customized to your company’s needs
Company and team specific modules
Access to proprietary questions and answers
Expert advice on projects and courses
24×7 access to technical mentors
Customized plans for each company to enhance the skills of their team
Digital transformation strategy planning
Curriculum development and content review.
Udacity Pricing

Although there are over 200 free courses on Udacity, they have cost enrollment plans. The plans typically have a term of between 4 and 5 months. Nanodegree courses start from $1000 with 4 months of access and there is an option for users to opt for a monthly plan starting at $399 per month.

Conclusion: Is Coursera worth it?

There is no doubt that Coursera offers valuable content for educators from a variety of disciplines and the opportunity to enhance their skills with valuable resources. The quality of the course content is perfect for a beginner. The platform’s professors provide course material with strategic planning so students can focus on developing their skills.

It is also possible to enroll in multiple courses at the same time to optimize your time. Coursera education review offers courses from top universities with high quality content so that students have the opportunity to be in contact with professors from around the world.

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