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If you what to get detailed information about DataCamp’s pricing and what each subscription includes, I’ll help you make it clear. In this article, I’ll review DataCamp’s cost–how much you’ll pay for a course and what you can get for free.

What is DataCamp

DataCamp is a popular e-learning platform that offers courses on data analysis and data science. The main subjects you can learn with DataCamp are Python, R, and SQL. There are many courses on DataCamp, so many people consider this platform for improving data-related skills.

And many questions: how much DataCamp cost? With no further ado, let’s find out what is the cost of DataCamp. 

What is the DataCamp’s Pricing Model?

DataCamp has a very simple pricing model, unlike some e-learning giants like Coursera. It basically has two subscription options: free and premium. There is also an option for teams.

DataCamp offers to pay on a monthly basis which is more expensive or annually which allows to reduce the price per month.

I’ll start off with what interests the most potential clients: what can you get for free on DataCamp?

What DataCamp offers for free

DataCamp has a free subscription but it’s quite limited. The plan provides access to an introductory part of any course on DataCamp. There are over 400 courses on the platform and you can test any from the list

With DataCamp’s Free subscription, you can understand if DataCamp is the right platform for you or if you’d like to continue the course you’ve started. You can upgrade your plan if you’d like to access all the content. 

Meanwhile, the free subscription has the following features:

  • Access to all cheat sheets and tutorials
  • Skill assessments to understand your level
  • Limited practice exercises and coding projects
  • Learning on mobile

Additionally, there are 6 completely free courses.

What you get with DataCamp’s Premium subscription

This is the main subscription plan by DataCamp that gives you access to all content and features. This means access to any course, project, or certificate as well as to additional services.

The cost of the DataCamp plan is $25 if you pay annually or $39 if you choose a monthly subscription. In the first case, the cost for a year will be $300/year, while in the second you will need to pay $468 but will be able to cancel anytime. 

Here is the DataCamp’s price in different currencies.

Main features of the premium plan:

  • Access to all content (over 400 courses)
  • Unlimited practice and coding projects
  • Personalized learning paths
  • Certificates for each complete course 
  • Programs for employment 
  • Slack community
  • Priority customer support
  • Access ​to jobs listed on DataCamp

What DataCamp for Teams includes

The third option available within the pricing plans is DataCamp Teams. This subscription was designed to allow learning in groups, especially within one organization or company. This plan is suitable for a group of more than two.

The price of DataCamp Teams is $25 per user /month. This subscription is billed annually with no monthly option.

The main features of this pricing plan include:

  • Access to all the courses and projects with no limits
  • Slack community
  • Access ​to jobs on DataCamp
  • Priority customer support
  • Admin dashboard
  • License management
  • Team performance reports

The last three points are what is unique about this plan. These features allow to a manager to coordinate team members and keep tabs on their performance.

How to switch from the free to the Premium plan?

You can upgrade your account from free to paid in a couple of ways.

The first one is to go on the website on the pricing page and click on the Upgrade To Premium button under the Premium plan.

Another way is to click Upgrade within your dashboard on in the right upper corner. 

DataCamp discounts

DataCamp has regular discounts on its premium plan. Usually, it comes with different holidays. For instance, its Christmas sale offers the Premium plan for $12 instead of $25. Moreover, the company recently ran a discount of the Premium subscription for $1.

DataCamp competitors pricing

  • Dataquest

DataCamp has a couple of alternatives that have quite similar offers. 

Probably main DataCamp’s competitor is Dataquest–a company that also offers a number of courses on Python, R, and SQL. 

Both companies have free plans with limited content (first chapters only). Next, they have have premium subscriptions, where DataCamp costs $25/month, whereas Dataquest costs $49/month. So, DataCamp is cheaper than its direct competitor. 

Additionally, Dataquest offers a Lifetime membership for $1,176, whereas DataCamp doesn’t have such an option. 

  • Codecademy

Another competitor, which is not as direct as Dataquest, is Codecademy. It has a much wider choice of programming languages and is not solely focused on data-related skills.

Both companies have free and paid options. As for the premium subscriptions, Codecademy is $16-20 per month which is a bit cheaper than DataCamp.

Is DataCamp really free?

DataCamp offers some of its content for free but it’s very limited. You can take six free courses or go through the first chapters of each course for free.

Can DataCamp be paid monthly?

Yes, you can choose to pay monthly on the checkout step. You’ll need to pay $39 per month which is more expensive than an annual billing.

How can I get DataCamp cheaper?

A regular DataCamp’s subscription costs $25-39/month, depending on the billing mode you choose. However, the company regularly runs sales so you can easily get DataCamp cheaper. You can expect to catch a discount at least once in three months.


DataCamp is a huge player in the e-learning market and is chosen by dozens of students. The company offers content for free but it’s not enough to gain or polish skills. In most cases you’ll need to go for its premium plan that is, however, quite reasonably priced. 

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