Is Coursera Plus Worth it

Is Coursera Plus Worth it

Coursera is an online learning platform that is known to each person who has ever considered taking an online course. And even for those, who don’t–Coursera is the leader in this market. The company includes courses from top universities and companies; these courses are made around numerous subjects so almost every need can be covered on the platform.

The company has its service that is an option for those considering opting for a Coursera course. This option is Coursera Plus. And now, I’ll go into detail so you can decide whether Coursera Plus is worth it in your case.

What is Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus is a subscription offered by Coursera. The membership opens you access to over 4,000 courses from top universities and institutions. The courses cover various subjects including computer science, business, and the arts.

One of the main features of why people go for Coursera Plus is that it provides unlimited access to all courses, so you can learn as many courses as you want within the subscription period. The subscription can be on a monthly basis or paid annually. In the second case, you save money but lose the flexibility of being able to cancel at any time. With a monthly Coursera Plus subscription, you can cancel after a month but will pay more on a scale of a year.

This is probably the main difference. The courses and their quality remain the same–if you pay per course or choose the membership. In any case, Coursera’s courses are taught by experienced instructors and come with interactive elements such as quizzes, projects, and discussion forums. The platform also offers certificate completion, which is a great way to show employers or schools that you have taken and completed the course. The certificates are recognized and respected in many industries.

However, the Coursera’s subscription doesn’t give access to Online degrees and MasterTrack. Also ot doesn’t include programs offered by Stanford University, IBM and other top institutions. And this is no surprise, considering the price of an online degree can reach almost $10K for a program.

So, is Coursera Plus worth it?

Overall, Coursera Plus is an excellent value for anyone looking to expand their skillset or gain new knowledge in a variety of subjects. The platform is constantly adding new courses and improving existing ones, so there is always something new to learn. If you’re interested in online learning, Coursera Plus is definitely worth checking out.

Coursera Plus advantages

Coursera Plus offers several main benefits for learners.

The first one is unlimited access. With a Coursera Plus subscription, members have unlimited access to over 4,000 courses, which is a great value for those who want to learn multiple courses.

The second advantage is flexible learning as you can take as many courses as you want with no need to pay for each. This gives the flexibility to learn as many subjects as you need or have inspiration for and not think about the price.

Finally, you can get unlimited certificated with Coursera Plus if this motivates you. If you finish ten courses within the Coursera Plus subscription, you will get ten certificates for at no additional fee. Then, you can add them to your CV, or Linkedin profile or just forget about them–totally up to you.

Coursera Plus disadvantages

The main disadvantage of Coursera Plus is that it doesn’t provide access to company’s most expensive but popular options–online degrees and MasterTrack programs.

Another downside is not a universal one but is still a point to keep in mind–you can spend more money they you would otherwise pay for an individual course. Our mind works in the way that is we pay for a long period of time, we might forget about it and take the most out of our memberships. The same with Coursera Plus: after paying for a year, a lot of students might end up taking one or two courses that are much cheaper when paying for them individually.

Who will benefit from Coursera Plus?

Coursera Plus will benefit a wide range of individuals, including:

  1. Career-oriented individuals looking to expand their skillset and advance in their careers.
  2. Students who want to learn new subjects or gain additional knowledge in their field of study.
  3. Lifelong learners who have a passion for learning and want to continuously expand their knowledge.
  4. Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to improve their business skills and knowledge.

Overall, Coursera Plus is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to enhance their education and improve their career prospects. The yearly subscription fee provides unlimited access to a wide range of courses and the option to receive a certificate of completion for each course, making it a valuable investment for those who want to continue their education.

How much Coursera Plus cost

Coursera’s pricing is usually associated with being a complicated and not transparent model. This is not the case with Coursera Plus. The pricing of Coursera Plus is very simple as there are two types of subscriptions–monthly or annual membership.

Yes, it is as simple as that:

  • $59 for the monthly Coursera Plus subscription
  • $399 for the annual Coursera Plus subscription, which is $33.25 per month if divided by 12.

Overall, while the yearly subscription fee for Coursera Plus may seem high at first, the value and benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their education and improve their career prospects.

Customer Support

Coursera Plus provides customer support to help learners with any questions or issues they may encounter while using the platform.

The platform offers several ways for learners to get help, including an online support center with frequently asked questions and a community forum where learners can connect and help each other. Additionally, learners can reach out to Coursera’s support team directly through the platform’s contact form or email.

From my understanding, Coursera’s support team is responsive and knowledgeable, and they work to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. However, the availability and response time of customer support may vary depending on the region and time of day.

Coursera Plus vs regular Coursera

Regular Coursera means purchasing each course on Coursera individually. In the contrast, Coursera Plus is a subscription offered by Coursera that allows taking a lot of courses for a fixed price. The main difference is the price and flexibility in terms of how many courses you need to take at once.

Coursera Plus is a subscription when you pay for a year or a month in advance and then take unlimited courses and get a certificate upon completion for each. Coursera Plus offers unlimited access to over 4,000 courses for a yearly subscription fee. This includes access to all course materials, quizzes, projects, and the option to receive a certificate of completion for each course. However, online degrees are not included in this subscription.

Meanwhile, when going for regular Coursera courses, you can take a course for free but will need to pay for certification. Alternatively, you will need to pay for each program separately. In this case, learners can choose to purchase only the courses they are interested in, rather than paying a yearly subscription fee for unlimited access.

In terms of benefits, Coursera Plus offers a more comprehensive learning experience, with unlimited access to a wide range of courses. Additionally, the yearly subscription fee can be a more cost-effective option for those who plan on taking multiple courses.

Regular Coursera, on the other hand,might be a better option for those who only want to take a few courses and don’t want to pay a yearly subscription fee. It also offers more flexibility in terms of course selection, as learners only have to pay for the courses they want to take.

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