Coursera Annual Subscription: What’s Included and Should You Get One?

Coursera Annual Subscription: What’s Included and Should You Get One?

To start with, the regular Coursera pricing model does not feature an annual subscription. However, if you have a Coursera Plus subscription, you can pay on an annual basis and get almost unlimited access to courses.

The annual subscription cost for Coursera Plus is $399. Meanwhile, if you pay for a single program, it will cost around $49-$79 for a month which is roughly $600 per year.

Coursera Plus is Coursera’s premium subscription service granting unlimited, unrestricted access to all premium course content for $399 per year. It removes paywalls and caps limiting standard Coursera’s free and per-course pricing tiers.

What’s Included in an Annual Coursera Subscription

  • Enroll in an unlimited number of Coursera’s 3,000+ courses and 400+ multi-course Specializations each year
  • Earn unlimited Course Certificates upon completing assessments without any additional charges (usually $29-$99 each)
  • Download any Coursera course videos, readings, and materials for offline learning
  • Showcase progress through an enhanced Coursera Plus Learning Profile featuring skill assessments, course tracking, achievement badges, and analytics

Coursera Plus costs a one-time payment of $399 upon signup, which grants access for one full year before requiring renewal. Members can cancel anytime, with access ending at the completion of the prepaid 365-day period. Payment is processed upfront via credit card.

So, Coursera Plus provides an All-Access Pass to Coursera’s full educational catalog for intensive users via a $399 yearly commitment. It eliminates piecemeal course purchases through unlimited access and certification.

Who is Coursera annual subscription for

Coursera’s premium annual subscription caters best to committed, high-volume learners aiming to substantiate their expertise across topics. It removes financial and access barriers to earning as many Certificates as desired. This allows flexible skills augmentation for career changes, re-entering education, or personal enrichment.

This is also a good option for working professionals pursuing radical career changes that require expanding competencies across multiple disciplines. For example, those switching industries or pivotting to adjacent roles with steep learning curves in new domains. The flexibility to rapidly skill-up at scale in areas like data science, computer science, business, and more can accelerate transitions.

Moreover, it’s a good option for lifelong learners continuously enhancing skill sets by branching into emerging fields. With Plus, curiosity-driven self-educators have the freedom to earn certifications reflecting comprehensive knowledge. This can communicate well-rounded capabilities.

In contrast, Coursera’s monthly subscription better fits temporary educational needs. The month-to-month flexibility suits students supplementing university studies for a semester or budget-focused career builders sampling courses before committing long-term.

So in deciding between plans, intensive users wanting to demonstrate an interdisciplinary mastery of skills through unlimited certifications benefit most from the unlimited annual Coursera Plus subscription. But more ephemeral needs warrant a monthly pass for affordable short-term access.

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